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For nearly 40 years, Kingstec has connected growing companies in North America and Western Europe with the world’s workshop: the cost-efficient, highly adaptable contract manufacturers of Asia. We’ve earned our customers’ trust by maintaining the strictest quality standards while helping to get their products quickly and reliably into the marketplace.

Contract Manufacturers

We take care
of everything

Drawing on decades of experience and our extensive network of contract manufacturers in Asia, we expertly manage every aspect of your project to ensure the entire offshore manufacturing process goes smoothly.

We speak the language – not only Mandarin and Cantonese, but the language of local business and the nuances by which terms are agreed and promises kept. We know how to spot potential risks or pitfalls and deal with them before they turn into problems.

Once your project is underway, we have the know-how to navigate around predictable obstacles and deal quickly with any that come up unexpectedly. And because we’re in Asia all the time, working alongside our partners to keep various manufacturing jobs on track, we make sure yours is moving forward to the agreed game plan.

Beyond updates at each milestone – in your language and time zone – we let you decide how regularly you want to be alerted as we track progress, monitor quality and hold suppliers to account. In short, we take on all the responsibilities of selecting and managing the right Asian partner for your project – so you don’t have to think about it.

Our expertise
makes the difference

Kingstec has the electrical and mechanical engineering talent in North America – and the design-for-manufacturing savvy – to ensure there’s a solid bridge from preliminary concept to final delivery. We know what it takes to turn a prototype into a production-ready model, with every detail considered and every variable rigorously tested. Our highly experienced contract manufacturing team identifies potential challenges early and helps to resolve them, saving you time and money by avoiding glitches later in the manufacturing process.

We use our deep knowledge of our suppliers’ capabilities to optimize their facilities, maintain quality control and get the most from their skilled workforce. We also help to safeguard your original concept by working only with contract manufacturers who’ve gained our confidence and trust over many years.

As your representatives in Asia, we’re an extension of your own engineering or design teams, delivering the full value of our expertise while limiting your investment to precisely the services you need to get your project successfully completed.

We’ve been doing
this for a long time

Founded by the Chiu family in 1983, Kingstec Technologies Inc. pioneered contract offshore manufacturing in Asia and remains an innovative leader in the field. Building on our original success in electronic components, over the decades we’ve worked with companies large and small across a broad spectrum of sectors, from telecommunications to health care to industrial products.

At our corporate headquarters in the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve built a team to match our customers’ exacting needs in everything from engineering and quality assurance to logistics and project management.

But beyond our specialized expertise and long record of success, what distinguishes Kingstec is the trust we’ve earned from our customers, many of whom have worked with us for decades. We’ve built our business on the solid values that all good companies expect: honesty, openness, transparency, accountability, and a strict code of professional ethics.
We’d welcome the opportunity to show you how these bedrock values translate into a productive, mutually rewarding partnership.

Core Capabilities

Kingstec meets a wide array of design, engineering, manufacturing and logistical challenges through these core capabilities:

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