We provide box-build turnkey assemblies for our clients in addition to our PCB, PCBA, and custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies, and many other capabilities. Our team sources every component to ensure the highest quality and best possible price, while our facilities in Asia expertly manage assembly, testing, and packaging.

We can address any kind of box-build turnkey assemblies, from simple enclosures with buttons or cutouts for connectors, to incredibly complex assemblies, such as those used in medical applications. Between our experienced engineers and product management teams in Canada and our skilled manufacturing teams in Asia, we are able to consistently deliver high levels of quality and service. Not only will your final box-build turnkey assemblies meet the rigorous standards our clients require, we manage the entire supply chain to ensure everything is sourced, delivered, packaged, and shipped on time, and to your specifications.

Box-build turnkey assemblies

Subassemblies to completed products
Whole supply-chain management

ISO 9001, ISO 140001, ISO 13485, TS 16949 and UL listed certified manufacturing facilities

Assembly of plastics, metal (stamped or machined), PCBA’s, cables (over molded/wire harness) and point of sale packaging

Specialist in developing production fixturing and test fixtures to build repeatable and high quality assemblies

POS (Point of Sale) packaging capable, complete with instructions, full color cardboard box, stickers and other miscellaneous in-box items

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