Custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses

How your company’s electronic device connects to its power source, or peripheral components, is as essential as its internal design. At Kingstec, we can offer you custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses including over-molded cables with the connectors encapsulated in PVC. You can also increase durability by incorporating stay bands and moulded strain reliefs into your cables. These are just a few ways we can make sure you get the best performing and durable cable assemblies to market.  

Benefits of Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

Encapsulate circuit boards in your assemblies and protect them from the weather and prevents tampering. This is a technique that Kingstec has mastered over the last 20 years and is well known for.
Bolster your brand by incorporating your logo design into the connector body. Your customers will appreciate the ability to see at a glance which cables belong to your product in their stockrooms.
If your wire harness design includes a large number of individual terminations, labelling and sheathing will make it more heat and abrasion resistant.

Adding these features to your custom cable assemblies and wire harness usually involves small over-moulds - which means your tooling investment will be minimal. Kingstec’s facilities offer moulding machines in a wide range of sizes to meet your manufacturing requirements, so you’ll have access to multiple vertical injection moulding machines.

Kingstec has also helped customers produce T-joints for printed circuit boards, custom angled Y-joints with logos, and encapsulated printed circuit board assemblies. Lately, many clients need angled mouldings for USB and other connector types, and we can meet those needs with ease.

If you’re designing or reworking an electronic device at your company, make sure your custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses are well-designed, functional, and built to last. Connect with Kingstec for all your manufacturing needs.

Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses & Overmoulded Connectors

Custom Overmoulded connectors and strain relief
Specialized in medical applications
Healthcare equipment, Patient Monitoring cables, Power, coaxial, ECG, fiber optic cables & complex high termination count wire harnesses
Experts in overmoulding PCBAs and PCB based multi split cable junctions
Low tooling cost for custom overmoulded connectors
Branding and custom labelling specialists
Custom cable extrusion capabilities
Lifetime warranty and service on tooling
Custom tooling design capability

Custom Fixturing & Full Testing Capabilities

Hi-pot testers
Continuity and insulation resistance tester
Salt spray tester
Pull force, insertion force, rotation, and extraction force tester
Rotation, Bending, and Vibration Tester

ROHS/REACH compliance

Hundreds of Vertical overmoulding machines available
Custom fixturing & Full mechanical and electrical testing capabilities

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