Plastic injection molded parts

Kingstec offers plastic injection molded parts including mold design, mold production, and first shots to mass production. We have in-house mold design and mold flow analysis that benefits from the latest in 3D CAD/CAM software.

In our manufacturing facilities overseas, we have over 200 molding machines ranging from 25 - 850 tons at the ready for client projects. We employ the latest and fastest Japanese and European CNC milling machines, EDM, grinding, and drilling machines to minimize production time and ensure the tightest tolerances possible.
Through our network of trusted partner facilities, we have access to small shops, large tool and production facilities, and everything in between to enable us to provide plastic injection molded parts, perform complex, multi-cavity, and multiple tool production for high part count assemblies in as little as two weeks. Turnaround times this short are just not possible in North America!

Specialized processes such as double injection molding, insert molding, vertical injection molding, and steam injection are all available to Kingstec clients. We also offer secondary finishes such as spray painting, powder coating, silk screen printing, pad printing, hot stamping, laser etching, and ultrasonic welding.

Our factories are equipped with the latest CMM and optical inspection equipment to ensure the highest quality standards.

Tool / Mold Construction

ISO certified Facilities
Custom mold design
Precision mold making
High-speed processes & equipment that allows tools to be built in the industry's shortest lead times
Multiple high-speed CNC milling, wire cut EDM, drilling, and grinding
Lifetime warranty and service on tooling with a production order

Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Injection, double injection, vertical injection, insert molding, and steam

Thin wall molding up to 0.3mm thickness
Machine tonnage ranging from 25 Tonnes to 850 Tonnes

Materials such ABS, nylon, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate(PC), PC/ABS (Cycoloy), polyethylene (PE), fiber reinforced polymers, etc.

Secondary Finishing Available
Spray painting
Silk screening and Pad Printing
Hot Stamp Printing
Laser Etching
Precision, High volume robotic spray booths
Ultrasonic welding of parts
Subassembly and Encasing lines available
CMM and state of the art optical measuring equipment to ensure a high degree of accuracy
ROHS compliance

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