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The role of today’s farmers has changed dramatically. Agricultural industry electronics technology assists with manual tasks and supports the collection of critical data. The thriving Agritech industry provides agribusiness with the tools and information they need to get the best yield per acre and boost food production for a growing global population.

Smart farming systems for measuring data, monitoring the weather, geospatial monitoring, and precision application of water and chemicals have made smart agriculture a leading-edge, high-tech industry.

The challenge is that these agricultural industry electronics devices have to work literally “in the field.” Agribusiness customers are looking for products that are secure, rugged and durable. Too many manufacturers build a solid product that fails in the long run because its cables, connectors, and components aren’t tough enough for extreme outdoor weather and agricultural use. As chemical pesticide and herbicide use has become more sophisticated, regulated, and responsible, the need for devices that can measure the concentration of those chemicals in agricultural applications has expanded rapidly.

Kingstec can help your business take advantage of this opportunity by supporting your chemical monitoring product design. We’ll connect you with Asia’s most advanced manufacturing facilities to produce the rugged and secure cables and connections you need to mass-produce devices for your agribusiness customers.

You’ll also find Kingstec components in well-known brands of seed sensor monitoring systems. We can help your product deliver accurate seed counts to your customers that ensure trouble-free seeding. You’ll get the secure, over-moulded connectors and controls to support your product’s durability in the field, supporting seed drills and planters.

If your business designs and delivers digital silo monitoring systems, take advantage of our experience supplying components in the agricultural industry electronics space. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Asia can produce temperature cables, over-moulded sensors and connectors to meet the most rigorous interior and exterior requirements.

Today’s tractors need to connect to ISO implements for tasks like planting, monitoring and seeding. They also need to talk to GPS and radar devices in geospatial systems. With Kingstec as a partner, your company can deliver on these digital customer requirements by producing secure and durable over-moulded cables, receivers, terminal connections, and battery terminals for tractor cab cable harnesses to meet your customers’ demanding environments.

Maybe your business is looking for a partner that can support your design for a controller for gas or electric utility vehicles. If so, with Kingstec, you’ll be working with a reliable contract manufacturer that can produce the cables and connections you need for your speed sensor, motor controller or similar device efficiently, on time, and to your quality specifications.

Kingstec has extensive experience producing the cable assemblies, wire harnesses, plastic enclosures, PCBAs, and connections that agritech businesses need to ensure that their product is successful. Get the help you need with your design. Contact us today.

Agricultural industry electronics

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