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Performance automotive aftermarket electronics products are becoming increasingly high-tech, with electronic components regulating engine performance, energy and efficiency. Customers who modify and upgrade the performance of their pickups and sports cars are discerning and quality conscious. They expect parts and accessories that meet or exceed the OEM specifications, and they want them built to last. Cables, connectors, circuit boards, and mechanical assemblies for performance aftermarket products have to meet stringent quality standards. Your business has to differentiate itself in this competitive industry where word of mouth means everything. Consumers in this marketplace love to share information and tell stories about projects they’ve done. For better or worse, your product’s reputation for quality travels quickly in this sector.

Kingstec has been serving the performance automotive aftermarket electronics market for decades. We can connect your business with top-quality, advanced, Asian manufacturing facilities to produce electronic performance automotive components that will drive your product to outperform the competition.

If your company is designing an add-on for a naturally aspirated or turbo engine application, we can supply you with cable assemblies, wire harnesses, connectors, integrated circuit boards, or other precision manufactured components.

Consumers who work on their own vehicles don’t have much patience for the "check engine" light on the dashboard. One of the first things they’re likely to look for is a car monitoring device to connect to the ECU to tell them what is actually going on under the hood. The more performance modifications that they have done on the vehicle, the more they demand real-time feedback when they’re behind the wheel.

At Kingstec, we can help you serve the growing automotive aftermarket electronics market by providing contract manufacturing of the over-moulded cable assemblies, circuit boards and connectors your car monitoring device needs to function in high-performance or street racing conditions. We can also help you design custom connectors that reduce strain and ensure secure connections. You can also join the list of our clients who have included components from our manufacturers in their nitrous oxide systems, wide band UEGO gauges, methanol injection systems, plug and play ECU harnesses, throttle controller, and performance ECU components. We can provide the wiring harness, PCBA, injection molded housing and full assembly of your final product to ensure that your accessory delivers the required performance and lasts long enough to impress your customers for the long haul.

When a hotrodder swaps out the engine in their vehicle, it can be a chore to get the gauges and electronics to work correctly. If you are designing a swap kit to simplify this task, Kingstec can produce the elaborate wiring harness you’ll need. We’ll assign your project to one of Asia’s most advanced and dependable manufacturing facilities who will meet or exceed your customers’ exacting requirements. We can also support diesel performance electronics with the same high-quality moldings and components. If your company offers any other kinds of adapter cables or harness assemblies, Kingstec can meet even the most stringent specifications. We can provide the same manufacturing expertise to deliver precision-machined components for racing fuel and alcohol applications. Your company can be the next to benefit from Kingstec’s extensive experience in automotive aftermarket electronics. To get your product across the finish line, contact us today.

Racing and automotive aftermarket electronics

Performance Electronics for Turbo and Naturally Aspirated Engine applications

Engine Monitoring devices/gauges

Power Adder (Nitrous) accessories

Engine Swap components (harnesses) and accessories

Diesel Performance electronics
Adaptor cable and harness assemblies
Precision Machined components for Fuel and Alcohol applications

ECU and ECU accessories

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