Medical device electronic components

Kingstec has branched out into many industries over the nearly 40 years we’ve been producing high-quality electronic and mechanical components. Still, we’re best known for our overmolded cable assemblies for medical device electronic components.

Supported products can include patient monitoring cables, disposable pressure transducer cables, neuromodulation surgery supporting devices, and other specialized OEM medical device components. Our manufacturing facilities in the global workshop of Asia deliver components with the dependability to enable front line health care workers to save lives.

When you’re choosing a supplier to manufacturer for your medical device electronic components, your primary concern is quality. Health care facilities demand durable and reliable equipment that’s built to last in even the most hectic environments.

To meet those expectations, you need a manufacturing facility you can trust. This is especially true if you intend to take advantage of the economies of scale, highly skilled labour force and lower payroll costs that you can gain through offshore production in a location like China.

Kingstec has helped companies developing bioelectronic medical devices that can replace drug therapies for patients with autoimmune disorders, chronic pain relief and other long-term disorders where medication has little or no effect. If your company is designing similar bioelectronic products, you’ll able to produce the dependable charging components, supporting accessories such as straps/belts, cables and connectors, and anything else you need to obtain approvals and deliver quality care to patients.

Medical device electronic components from our facilities also play a role in electronic neurostimulation and spinal cord stimulator systems. We can support your company’s product designs by connecting you with the ideal facility to manufacture leads, connectors, and related components to make your device dependable and successful.

Medical device manufacturers depend on Kingstec to deliver electronic components for disposable transducers used for cardiology and vascular procedures. Components from our facilities also support OEMs of urological drainage, incontinence, tracheostomy, and ostomy care products.

We can support your laryngology and tracheal tube support products by precision moulding components that hold the trach tube securely once inserted. We can also support your business if it offers surgical support components and kits to health care facilities.

As people live longer, mobility support has become a significant market segment. If you’re developing a handicap mobility or accessibility device, like a mobility scooter or a powered wheelchair, your required cable assemblies and connectors will be manufactured at a facility in Asia that will produce them to your exacting standards at a price that’s within your project budget. 

Kingstec’s supplier network supports a wide range of patient monitoring systems. We can help your business by providing leads and integrated circuits as product components for your pulse oximeter designs. 

Over-moulded cable assemblies and wire harnesses for the leads connecting patients to cardiopulmonary devices can also be produced at our overseas facilities. If your business is developing a new metabolic device, we can connect you with the ideal facility to produce any leads and tubes you required following the most stringent specifications.

Medical device electronic components

Bioelectric Medicine for Chronic Auto Immune diseases
Neurostimulation, Spinal Cord Stimulator systems
Disposable Transducers for Cardiology and Vascular procedures
Urological Drainage, Incontinence and Ostomy Care products
Laryngology and Tracheal Tube Support products
Handicap Mobility + Accessibility devices
Various Surgical Support components + kits
Pulse Oximetry Monitoring systems
Patient Monitoring systems
Cardio Pulmonary and Metabolic devices
Infusion System devices

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