Start-Ups and new technologies

Whether you’ve opened up a new manufacturing business or your firm has unveiled a new high-tech product, your company faces unique challenges compared to more established companies and brands. Competition is fierce for entrepreneurs, and the rapid growth from an initial success can be a mixed blessing.

Once your new product catches on, demand for it can skyrocket. You’ll need to add manufacturing capacity to keep up with the market and keep ahead of copycat products from competitors. The most effective way to do that is to take advantage of the “workshop of the world” – the leading-edge contract manufacturing facilities available in Asia.

The challenge can be finding a suitable facility to meet your requirements. At Kingstec, we have decades of experience and an extensive partner network throughout Asia. We can apply that expertise to every aspect of your project to ensure that offshoring your full-scale manufacturing process goes smoothly.

You can make the Kingstec team your representatives in Asia. When you do that, Kingstec becomes an extension of your own engineering or logistics teams, adding the total value of our expertise while optimizing your investment in precisely the services you need to ensure your project’s success.

You may be scaling up a prototype to introduce new technology. If so, Kingstec offers the electrical and mechanical engineering talent and the hard-earned design-for-manufacturing skills to bridge your preliminary concept to final product delivery.

Another obstacle your start-up might face is adding expertise as your business expands. Our expert team can fill that gap, point out potential challenges before they arise, and recommend ways to resolve them. Your company will save time and money by avoiding glitches later in the manufacturing process.

We can reduce your stress when turning a prototype into a production-ready model because we’ve done it thousands of times for other clients. We can partner with you to ensure that that you consider every detail and rigorously test every variable.

We have intimate knowledge of our suppliers’ strengths and weaknesses. We know who can optimize their facilities, maintain quality control and make the most of skilled workforces to meet your specifications.

Inventors are often concerned about intellectual property practices in Asian markets, often for a good reason. We’ll work with you to safeguard your original concept by working exclusively with manufacturers who’ve gained our confidence and trust over many years.

You and your team may be new to all this, but we’ve been doing it for nearly 40 years. We met many of our biggest clients when they were start-ups or businesses introducing new product concepts. More than a few of them are still partnering with us decades later.

We can support your business with our seasoned expertise in engineering, quality assurance, logistics and project management. We’ll configure our team to complement your company’s strengths.

We’re excited by the opportunity to support your start-up company or new technology concept. We’d be proud to help you become our next long-term customer. If this sounds like the assistance you’re looking for, contact us today.

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