Telecommunications industry

The telecom industry is changing rapidly. Increasingly, telecommunications are less about voice and much more about text, data and, especially since the pandemic, video.  Internet traffic is exploding, and there’s an increasing global demand for connectivity. These trends drive constant innovations in both devices and services, and increased security challenges as more and more sensitive transactions occur online.

One constant in all of this digital transformation in telecommunications is the expanding demand for high-quality, durable components. Cables, cable assemblies and connectors remain critical for distributing electricity and for transmitting electromagnetic and optical signals.

Cables assemblies and connectors play a vital role in enterprise network equipment, subscriber equipment, and multiservice operator equipment. Today’s sophisticated industry generates strong demand for customized cables and connectors.

Kingstec can help your business realize its product designs by connecting you with the most dependable electronic component manufacturing facilities in Asia. We can produce specialized Cat 5/5e/6 network patch cables, telephone line and handset cords to meet the most stringent specifications.

Networked devices require customized high-speed network cables, and Kingstec can deliver the product you need on time and at a competitive price. We can introduce you to facilities offering advanced wire cutting, stripping, terminating and labelling equipment, along with state-of-the-art testing technology.

If you’re concerned about harsh environments or the strength and security of your product’s connections, we offer high-speed over-moulded cables. Financial institutions and security companies use products that incorporate our lines and connections around the world. Today’s customers expect greater bandwidth and higher speeds. They expect you to deliver this higher capacity over greater distances and flawlessly. As a result, fibre optic cables are the norm in a growing number of telecommunications installations. We can provide your company with precision, Swiss-machined fibre optic components to ensure your product’s success.

If your design calls for a wall plate that provides the ports you need, where you need them, Kingstec can work with you to design and configure custom wall plates and produce them in a facility appropriate for your needs. Now that USB and its range of connectors (USB A, B, mini B, micro B, and C) are the most widely applied industry standard for computer peripherals, it appears in devices everywhere, and so do our custom high-speed USB cables. We can support your product’s data transmission or charging requirements with high-quality, custom cables and connectors.

Although wireless communications are among the fastest-growing telecom sectors these days, those mobile devices need to be docked in business applications sooner or later. We offer power and data-enabled smartphone docking solutions. We can also produce a complete line of mobile device accessories to support your product designs. We can also deliver plastic and metal hardware for push email mobile devices.

Whatever your telecommunication product’s design may entail, choose Kingstec to deliver the quality components that will make it a success. Contact us today.

Telecommunications Industry

Telephone Line and Handset Cords
Custom High Speed Network cables
High Speed Overmolded cables for Secure Industries such as banking and security
Fiber Optic Precision Swiss Machined components
Wall Plate systems in custom configurations
Custom High Speed USB cables
Powered and Data Enabled Smartphone Docking solutions
Complete line of Mobile Device accessories
Plastic and Metal Hardware for Push Email Mobile devices

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