What is Custom Manufacturing?

August 4, 2022
Custom manufacturing is a single component or a series of components built into an assembly for a client to their specifications (materials, tolerances, quantity, size, etc.) and costing requirements. If you are interested in getting the parts for your product custom manufactured, this article will explain how to do it. Who does custom manufacturing make […]
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How to Maintain Quality Control when you Offshore your Manufacturing

June 18, 2022
You’ve decided to offshore your manufacturing, but you’re worried that you won’t be able to maintain quality control when the manufacturing is happening over 10,000 kilometres from home. There are ways you can maintain control of the quality of your product output and we are here to help you. Here are five ways you can […]
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8 Benefits of Offshoring that go Beyond Cost Savings

June 1, 2022
Offshoring has been a growing part of the global manufacturing landscape for years, but for many organizations, it hasn’t made sense to offshore — until now. We are seeing a growing demand for offshoring due to factors such as supply chain issues and labour shortages locally, amongst other factors. If you thought that offshoring’s only […]
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How 3D Tools Can Benefit Your Operations

May 11, 2022
There are a number of tools on the market that can improve or simplify your business operations. 3D tools aren’t completely new, but they are growing as an important tool for developing prototypes for those in the manufacturing industry in a wide variety of industries. There are some things that injection molding, machining and metal […]
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The Quick Guide to Completing an RFQ

April 14, 2022
A request for quote (RFQ) is a document used by companies that want to gather pricing information from potential vendors. An RFQ is an excellent tool for efficient and cost-effective sourcing — when used properly. They offer quick results but admittedly, RFQ documents and procurement terminology can be confusing. Consequently, this post will offer some […]
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The Results are in For Our "Choose Your Favourite Plastic" Poll

April 8, 2022
Kingstec’s Exciting New Plastic Popularity Contest During our 40 years of providing our clients with plastic injection molded parts, we have utilized a wide range of materials to help get products quickly and reliably into the marketplace. Our resident experts are always interested in your material preferences. And this recent poll on ABS vs. PVC […]
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KINGSTEC'S GOT PLASTIC! Choose Your Favourite Plastic

March 8, 2022
Kingstec’s Exciting New Plastic Popularity Contest Engineers and procurement specialists enjoy America’s Got Talent, American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars as much as anyone. Competitions like those inspired us here at Kingstec to celebrate how popular plastics have become as raw materials. Through our network of trusted partners, we’ve been providing our clients with […]
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Five Questions to Ask When Choosing a Medical Component Manufacturing Partner

March 1, 2022
Do you have a medical project that requires engineering and/or manufacturing to bring it to life? Do you know how to choose a partner to support you as you move to bring your product to market?  There are a lot of options and a lot of potential (and costly) mistakes you can make along the […]
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Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies Make Medical Devices Last

February 21, 2022
Wire harnesses and cable assemblies ensure the durability of medical devices and other electronic equipment. Find out how Kingstec Technologies Inc. can support your manufacturing processes and extend your product’s useful life. Every time we visit a health care professional or a clinic, we see more and more smartphones and tablets in use. This can […]
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Manufacturing Medical Equipment in China: Why it’s a smarter strategy than you think – even now.

January 31, 2022
China is the “world's factory,” a global manufacturing hub that produces the vast majority of electronics components used around the world. Those components power everything from smartwatches to cars to appliances, as well as critical medical equipment such as ventilators, ultrasound machines, hospital beds, and more. But with incredibly high tariffs imposed by the US […]
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Putting into Practice the Three Keys in Manufacturing Partnerships (Part 2)

January 24, 2022
Our previous post discussed three vital principles to keep in mind when selecting a manufacturing partner in China. These were inventory, automation, and seasonality. We explained that, although it's not easy to identify and connect with a partner that meets these criteria, we at Kingstec have been supporting brands who need offshore manufacturing capacity for […]
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Three Key Costs to Get Right in Your Overseas Manufacturing Partnership (Part 1)

January 7, 2022
2021 was a uniquely disruptive year, and the world’s workshop, China, has been no exception. As a business or brand based in Europe or North America, now is a good time to reflect on your strategy toward manufacturing partners located in China. In this blog post, we’ll review some of the issues you should be […]
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Closing on 2021 and Its Challenges; Looking Forward to a Better Supply Chain Outlook in 2022

December 16, 2021
Hello partner, As another difficult year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the lessons the ongoing pandemic has taught us all. Out of necessity, we’ve had to learn how to be more flexible, resilient, and compassionate on a personal, business, and societal level. According to a Statista survey, 72% of businesses suffered […]
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Electronic Supply Chain Outlook

December 10, 2021
Two global trends dominate the global electronics industry today. According to IHS Markit, on the one hand, the sector is rebounding sharply. Analysts see strong demand in all key markets. Remote work and learning have stimulated adoption of innovative digital devices. Consumer products are in strong demand as so many households find themselves staying home […]
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Component Shortage – Causes and Next Steps

December 2, 2021
If there’s one word that describes life in the 2020s, it’s “digital.” We’re surrounded by gadgets from our watches to our phones to our tablets to our laptops. Futurists are calling it the fourth industrial revolution and it’s ushering in lifestyles based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Components drive all this […]
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How Manufacturers Can Weather Shipping Disruptions

November 19, 2021
Most people in the business world are facing the same challenge. The pandemic has taken a serious toll on supply chain management. According to the White House, automotive inventories are at record lows, with only a one-month supply available to consumers. All economic sectors report supply-chain disruptions. Manufacturers are bearing the brunt of the supply […]
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Lunar New Year is Coming – How You Can Navigate the Upheaval

September 29, 2021
Plan for longer than ever lead times for component manufacturing due to worker vacations and attrition, and potential shipping and logistical delays – both before and after this annual holiday break. Manufacturers with partners in Asia will be familiar with the business impact of the Lunar New Year. Many industry experts consider it the most […]
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Kingstec, Ontario-based Manufacturing Partner, Launches New Website

September 15, 2021
Kingstec, the company offering complete solutions to project management, engineering, manufacturing, and logistical challenges, today announced the launch of its new website at The new site features expanded and frequently updated content for companies in medical technology, performance automotive aftermarket, industrial controls, telecommunications, agricultural technology and more.
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Interactive Infographic: Custom Cable Assemblies

April 29, 2021
Learn more about the benefits of custom cable assemblies with our custom infographic.
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All PCBs and PCB Assemblies Are Not Created Equal

February 21, 2021
PCBs and PCB assemblies are everywhere in today’s electronics industry. Find out why partnering with Kingstec gives you the best of both worlds for your contract assembly and manufacturing needs.  Virtually every electronic device on the market relies on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and PCB assemblies in our 21st-century electronics industry. They’re so ubiquitous that […]
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Kingstec to Exhibit at Virtual Engineering Week, November 30 – December 4, 2020

November 24, 2020
Kingstec, the leading engineering, manufacturing and logistics business partner serving companies of all sizes in Europe and North America, will participate in Virtual Engineering Week, an all-new digital event connecting global design, engineering and manufacturing communities. Showcasing hundreds of virtual exhibitor booths spanning medtech, automation, design, packaging, plastics, and quality, this event offers the opportunity […]
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Kingstec Manufacturing Brochure

November 2, 2020
For over three decades, Kingstec has connected Western companies with our high-quality, cost-efficient manufacturing partners in Asia. We take care of all the details — and add value at every step — to help you achieve your business goals. We offer complete solutions to an array of design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistical challenges. Download our […]
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Kingstec Company Overview Video

November 2, 2020
What makes Kingstec different? Kingstec Company Overview from Kingstec Technologies on Vimeo. With nearly 40 years in business and 5000 projects completed to date, Kingstec is a leading engineering, manufacturing, and logistics business partner serving companies of all sizes in North America and Europe. Working with startups and established brands alike, Kingstec employs a team […]
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Kingstec Technologies Inc. Will Exhibit at virtual.COMPAMED

November 2, 2020
Kingstec, the leading engineering, manufacturing and logistics business partner serving companies of all sizes in Europe and North America, will participate in virtual.COMPAMED, the world-leading information and communication platform for medical technology suppliers. Traditionally concurrent with the MEDICA trade show in Dusseldorf, Germany, the event this year will take place entirely online from 16 to […]
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