All PCBs and PCB Assemblies Are Not Created Equal

February 21, 2021

PCBs and PCB assemblies are everywhere in today’s electronics industry. Find out why partnering with Kingstec gives you the best of both worlds for your contract assembly and manufacturing needs.

 Virtually every electronic device on the market relies on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and PCB assemblies in our 21st-century electronics industry. They’re so ubiquitous that some production managers have come to think of them as a commodity.

The virtual trade shows that industry leaders log into now are overflowing with samples of PCBs and PCB assemblies. Feeling spoiled for choice can leave some OEM managers with the impression that one supplier is the same as the next.pcb 4

Unfortunately for them, that’s not true. There are essential differences between contract assembly and manufacturing service providers. So, designers have to remember that they’re entrusting their brand’s reputation for value and quality to the partner they choose.

At Kingstec, our approach to fabricating PCBs and PCB assemblies makes us the proven choice to add value to your manufacturing processes.

We Follow Industry Best Practices in Our Production Facilities

We follow industry best practices in our production facilities, based on our ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. Our sites are Underwriter Labs (UL) certified, while some sites are certified to ISO 13485 for medical clients, and others are TS 16949 certified for automotive clients.

Kingstec can develop prototypes of your product design and conduct pilot runs. We’re also fully scalable, so we can grow with you to deliver high volume production. We can produce multi-layer PCBs and assemblies with anywhere from two to ten layers.

Our partners manufacture fine-line and spaces (3 mils/3 mils) that support the ongoing demand for smaller PCBs and PCB assemblies inside ever more portable devices. We can also offer routing, punching, beveling, and V-scoring techniques as part of our standard fabrication processes.

Production teams can deliver standard board thicknesses from 0.8 mm to 3.2mm. Our available finishes include ENIG, Flash Gold, Immersion Tin, HASL and lead-free HASL.

Our assembly lines can mount your product’s delicate components using either through-hole mounting (THM), where tried-and-true reliability is all that matters or contemporary surface mount technology (SMT) to increase component density and miniaturization.

We have multiple, fully loaded SMT production lines to ensure efficiency and reliability. We also use hot air reflow soldering techniques to ensure manufacturing precision when adding miniaturized components to circuits.

Our production lines have in-circuit testing (ICT) available for advanced quality assurance. Short and open circuits, resistance, capacitance, and other critical technical criteria are all parameters for ICT on individual PCBs and PCB assemblies. Available testing methods can apply flying probe and e-fixture technology.

Kingstec has been in business for over 37 years. In addition to our advanced manufacturing facilities and techniques, our management philosophy also sets us apart.

We provide our clients with end-to-end expertise throughout the product cycle. We offer complete solutions to your design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistical challenges.

Kingstec can look after every step, ensuring that your entire process is fast, efficient, economical and hassle-free. Our professional team has the electrical and mechanical engineering expertise to help fine-tune PCB and PCB assembly specifications, identify and fix problems, optimize facilities and guide you through every stage, from product concept through manufacturing execution.

We’ve nurtured multiple, long-term relationships with highly-skilled, Asia-based partners. They can deliver rapid turnaround times on your custom designs with rigorous quality assurance standards.

Doing Business with Kingstec Brings You the Best of Both Worlds

Doing business with Kingstec brings you the best of both worlds. You’ll be profiting from the advantages of offshore manufacturing while working with our accessible management team right here in Canada. Dealing directly with offshore suppliers can get complicated or distract you from your core business activities.

That’s the difference that working with Kingstec makes. We take on all of those challenges for you.  We’ll look after everything, making sure the entire process is fast, efficient, economical, and hassle-free. We address the day-to-day business, so there’s no need for you to stress about any of the hassles of doing business overseas, including language barriers or dramatic time differences.

We’ll deliver guaranteed quality using our expertly managed logistics. We know the Asian business and regulatory environment, and we have long-standing relationships with our trusted manufacturing partners, so we’ll secure your intellectual property. We’ll accomplish all of this with highly competitive pricing. We’ll deliver these commitments and more, backed by over 37 years of experience and trust.

We’d love to hear about your manufacturing requirements for PCBs and PCB assemblies for electronic devices. If you’d like to look at some product samples or get some free advice about your designs, you can get in touch with us using our contact form here.

You can also reach us in person by contacting our Senior Project Administrator - Business Development, Rosa Miu, at or by phone at 1-905-766-9412.

We look forward to supporting your business goals.

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