KINGSTEC'S GOT PLASTIC! Choose Your Favourite Plastic

March 8, 2022

Kingstec’s Exciting New Plastic Popularity Contest

Engineers and procurement specialists enjoy America’s Got Talent, American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars as much as anyone. Competitions like those inspired us here at Kingstec to celebrate how popular plastics have become as raw materials.

Through our network of trusted partners, we’ve been providing our clients with plastic injection molded parts for newly forty years. That also includes double injection molding, insert molding, and vertical injection molding.

Mastering all those techniques has taught us to appreciate a wide range of materials including ABS, nylon, polypropylene (PP), polycarbonate (PC) PC/ABS (Cycoloy), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), fiber reinforced polymers, and more.

Choose Your Favourite Plastic!

Okay, maybe we’re still caught up in Winter Olympic Fever or maybe its the start of Spring Fever. Anyway, something stirred our internal experts into rating our wide range of plastic options, just like the judges in Beijing were ranking the world’s top athletes. Jump to voting now!

They’ve narrowed the field down to two overall favourites. Our finalists are ABS and PVC. Now, we need you, our readers, to vote for your favorite plastic material and choose our champion! Do you agree that these are the two most popular plastics? Let us know by voting and commenting!

Contestant One: ABS

As most readers will know, ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. ABS is tough and performs well in both heat and cold. It’s stylish, with its wide range of attractive colours.

ABS is tough but flexible. It stands up to impacts, it resists chemical corrosion, and product designers love its elasticity. Working with ABS, you can even inject into more than one cavity in the same mould.

ABS plays a major role in electrical and electronic assemblies. It’s also a popular choice for medical devices like inhalers and tracheal tubes, as well as automotive trim components.

ABS lends itself well to 3D printing applications. LEGO bricks are made of ABS, and what child doesn’t love LEGO?

Even so, ABS has some important weaknesses. It doesn’t always stand up to the weather, and those brilliant colours may fade in the sun or under other UV light.

Contestant Two: PVC

Our other finalist in the Kingstec’s Got Plastic competition is PVC. A widely used thermoplastic, polyvinyl chloride has made a name for itself in electronic cabling, plumbing, construction, and signage applications.

You just need to look around your workstation to see the number of cables you rely on to get things done. Chances are, those cables connected to your computer have PVC insulation.

The over moulded plugs on the ends of your cables are probably also made of PVC. PVC is tough, offering exceptional flame and chemical resistance. Its superior dielectric properties are what make it such a popular insulator.

PVC also has an important shortcoming. It’s not always suitable for medical devices because it can be toxic or allergenic for some users.

As a result, PVC may not pass a biological evaluation under ISO 10993. When that’s a consideration, you might consider other plastics like TPE, TPU or silicone instead.

Time to Vote!

So, now that we’ve given you the highlights, it’s time for you to vote. What is your favourite plastic material for your manufacturing applications?

Is it the durable and versatile ABS? Or are you drawn more to cost effective and insular PVC? Or, maybe you prefer something else?

Let us know your preference by voting in our Kingstec’s Got Plastic poll on LinkedIn.

Kingstec's Got Plastic - linkedin poll

Feel free to tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments section of the LinkedIn post.

We’ll publish your poll results in our next blog, so keep watching this space!

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